j. paradise (thistle) wrote in murdercityriot,
j. paradise

and they're buying us drinks & they're giving us winks...

so. hi. i never posted in here before, figured tonight is a good time to start. i found out today that the devils are playing the next town over from me on august 11th. new album september 4th too. i'm excited about both.

need to get more people to join this community, now that i've finally got the urge to post...
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I've heard of the murder city devils because a band called the Yo-yo's toured with them in america for ages last year. I was impressed when they played the reading festival this year. Good ol' fashioned rock and roll fun.
unfortunately, they just broke up! their last show is wednesday.
typical! The yo-yo's broke up about 3 months after coming back from america. grrrr.
I thought the murder city devils broke up a while ago. are they still around? The only album I have by them is empty bottles broken hearts how are the rest? Have you heard Pretty girls make graves?---mascarasnake
this post is from last year. they broke up in october of last fall.

i haven't heard pretty girls make graves.

everything by the devils is phenomenal. they are my favorite band.